Embratur offers the VisitBrasil Marketplace in order to facilitate business-to-business (B2B) contacts, possibilities and transactions in the tourism sector, and to make your experience safe and simple. As in all transactions, you must strive to make informed business decisions. These Safe Practices / Tips are designed to help you take advantage of the platform to identify business partners, as well as to refer to resources that can help make your Internet experience more secure and secure.

Conducting the proper investigations about your potential business partner is an important part of your business decision making. There is little room for misunderstanding about choosing a reliable supplier or partner, having a credible buyer, or retaining a competent service provider.
Most internet connections with other companies will result in successful relationships that can be mutually beneficial to both parties. However, it is very important that you protect yourself from the unlikely possibility of fraud that may occur due to concealment of the true identity and / or intentions of a partner. Brazilian companies that are sellers have all registered with CADASTUR, which carries out extensive inspections and obliges the renewal of the registration periodically, in order to ensure that the companies have current and valid information. In addition, we provide as much information as possible about the registered companies. However, as an executive you must understand that honest disagreements and controversies happen between legitimate businesses and it is a fact of the business world, whether you find your business partner on the internet or not. Embratur cannot guarantee the quality of products supplied or services provided by each registered company; nor can it guarantee that the buyer will pay in accordance with any agreements. See additional details in the DISCLAIMER OF LIABILITY (SEE BELOW).

There are several actions that you can take if you suspect fraud of a party or have a serious misunderstanding: Contact the company and arrange a meeting by phone or in person. In general, this solves the situation. Most buyers and sellers are honest and trustworthy, and problems can simply be a matter of misunderstanding due to language or cultural differences. If you suspect fraud by your potential partner, we recommend that you inform the relevant enforcement authorities. You should also inform Embratur of any suspected misuse of our service by any registered company, so that we may take appropriate action. Simply click on Contact Us and describe the situation.

SAFETY TIPS You can take several actions to research your potential business partner you met on the Internet to avoid or reduce the risk of fraud or misunderstandings. These include:

Before you get involved in the business, you should check the credentials of potential partners and conduct appropriate due diligence. We check the companies registered in CADASTRUR (i.e., all Brazilian suppliers) and try to insert buyers preferentially through associations. Still, it is always advisable to contact your potential partner by phone before entering into contracts. Likewise, whenever possible, you should personally meet with your business partner and visit their offices. Although the Internet offers an abundance of information about your potential partner that enables you to make an initial assessment, there is nothing to replace face-to-face contact.


Proposing a written agreement between you and your prospective partner is the only way to ensure that both are "on the same page." You must prepare and execute a definitive contract with a legal obligation or another binding document (for example, purchase order) between your company and the other company that clearly identifies the business subject and legal agreements between the parties. Depending on the type of contract, you should consider establishing competent legal advice


It is possible for anyone with some basic technical knowledge to send an email with a fake address. When you receive an email from someone you know or whose email address looks legitimate, but the email message seems suspicious, you should verify that the email came from the person the sender claims to be.


The information that appears in our platform about the companies registered in VisitBrasil Marketplace and / or their respective products and services (including, but not limited to, company name, contact person and details, service description and specifications, photographs, videos, etc.) are provided by company heads. Any such information is solely the responsibility of the person who provided it. Embratur is not responsible for, or is liable to, the correctness, correctness, legality or veracity of any such information. In addition, when using or providing information in our service, Embratur is not responsible for, or is subject to, the conduct of any of our customers with respect to the activities of their business.