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About Us

We are a tour operator in Amazonia, established in
Boa Vista – Roraima, with a portfolio of tourist products
Diversified, with services ranging from transfer in/out to large
Expeditions. In addition to the formatted packages, we offer the creation of
Specific routes to regions where you can be the first person to
Set foot.
Our website mainly aims to
Provide historical and recent information from the state of Roraima, tell
In the best way a little the way of being of our people, our
Legends, our physical and cultural characteristics, and everything that goes on
of interesting here, besides presenting the main attractions
Passion for Roraima: This is the fuel that moves us!
We are extremely judicious in our work, having
As key features: personalized service and
Skilled and well-trained professionals, equipment
Always revised and within the best conditions of use,
Extremely ethical behaviour, profound respect for the environment.
In this way, Roraima Adventures seeks to transform
The dream of a journey in reality.
We are committed to continuous improvement of performance
of our activities in tourism, always implementing the best
Practices to our activities.
We are associated with ABETA (Brazilian Association of Companies
of ecotourism and adventure tourism) and affiliated with the Min. of Tourism,
Through the Cadastur.

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